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How Can Building Contractors Can Get Their License In Arizona?

Building contractors in Arizona get their licenses from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. They must get separate licenses for residential contractor work and commercial contractor work. Further, there are difference classes of licenses within each type of construction. 

Residential construction includes residential houses, townhouses, condos, apartment buildings, duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, and cooperative units. A residential license will include the authority to build appurtenances within the boundaries of the residential property or on the residential property line. For example, sewer lines and utility lines are included in this type of license. A commercial license will include the authority to build commercial structures where people do not live. These include office buildings, strip malls, and stand alone business buildings.

How To Get Started Getting Your Contractor License in Arizona

You'll need to pick up an application for the license and an application for the require examination(s) from one of the local offices for the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Alternately, you can download a contractor license application package from the following website:

Once You Fill Out the Application, Attach the Following Documentation with It:

1. A full financial statement
2. Your original examination score. If you still need to take the exam(s), you can check the PSI Candidate Information Bulletin for more information on how to register for the exam(s). This bulletin also has answers to frequently asked questions.
3. Proof of Workers Compensation Insurance
4. Arizona State transaction privilege tax number
5. Your license bond. The total amount you will need depends on the classification of the contractor license for which you are applying, as well as your estimated gross volume of business.
6. If applicable, you'll need to include all recovery funds and license fee funds.
7. The form for your experience record

You can refer to the application itself for further information on license fees, classification requirements, experience record forms, and the arizona transaction privilege tax number. You'll also find detailed instructions on how to fill out the application and how to obtain a surety bond.

An application can be downloaded from the following website:

Commonly Asked Questions

Are There Any Experience, Exam, or Education Requirements For Obtaining an Arizona Contractors License?

Yes. Each candidate will be required to pass the Business Management Exam. This exam includes basic questions on federal and state laws, as well as questions about the management of construction projects. Also required is financial and business management. For some contractor business license classifications, you will also need to pass a trade exam. You need to take and pass the required exams BEFORE you submit your application. 

You can download the candidate information bulletin (CIB) at the following website:

If you are already a licensed contractor in Arizona, credit will be given for your experience as a foreman, journeyman, supervising employee, or contractor.

You can determine if you have the requirements for the a specific license requirement by viewing the License Classification Requirements (RC-L-206B).

What Is the Expected Time Required For Exam Prep?

If you are somewhat familiar with the material already, you should expect to spend about eight hours, including the class, time to prep time for each of the courses. If you less familiar with the material and need a more thorough review, you should allow for about sixteen hours of course prep time.

Once you register to take an exam, you will have six months to take it before the opportunity is deactivated. If you need an extension, call your local Arizona Registrar of Contractors office.

Is Continuing Education Required For Arizona Contractors?

Luckily, no. A license will be issued for a timeframe of two years and then it must be renewed biennially. Renewal notice reminders are sent via regular U.S. Postal mail.

Is a NASCLA Accredited Commercial Contractor License Accepted iIn Arizona?

Yes - In fact it is batter to take the NATIONAL NASCLA than the Arizona General Commercial B1 Exam since the NASCLA is all open book and the B-1 Exam is not.


Is a General Contractor Commercial Contractor License Required in Arizona?


Does Arizona Offer Reciprocity With Other States?

Arizona has reciprocity agreements with three states: California, Nevada, and Utah. With these reciprocity agreements, Arizona is able to accept the license qualifications from these three states. Each reciprocity application still has the requirement to pass the Arizona Business Management exam, as well as complete fully all other requirements to obtain a license in Arizona.

It should be noted that the state of Arizona does not recognize a contractor license issued from any other state. However, trade experience in another state, or even a contractor license from another state, may qualify as the necessary experience when obtaining a contractor license in Arizona. Each circumstance is unique on this subject so you should check with a local Arizona Registrar of Contractors office if you have worked as a contractor in another state.

The Exception is the NATIONAL NASCLA Exam.  If you have the NATIONAL NASCLA License - you can operate in 12 states.

Business Management Examination

All contractors must take the Business Management examination for their specific license classifications. Additionally, a trade specific examination is be required.