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You can find our live customer reviews on our Facebook Page and on our BBB page.  

We provide a variety of training  for those taking the Virginia contractor license examinations. We are not a cram school. We teach understanding of the material so that you can knowledgeably answer questions on the exam. See our student testimonials below:

I honestly could not have passed the exam without the class. It was well worth the money and I'd recommend your class to anybody!  K. Rose

I've taken these classes and exams in 3 states - I liked this format best.  G. Holt
I just took and passed the BLD. If I had known you guys were this good, I would have taken your class for the first three sections. Thanks so much for the help.  Michelle
I passed all four parts. I don't see how anyone could do that without taking  your class.  J. Wheeler

I passed the BLD exam the first time. I couldn't have done it with the class.  K. Allen
Just wanted to let you know that I took your class and passed my exam. Even though I have been in the industry for over 34 years, it would have been extremely difficult to pass without your help. Thanks!
A. Alvis

I passed the first time. The class was very worthwhile and I would recommend it to anyone.
It was worth every penny and I got my money's worth out of it.  W. Ownby
After taking your 1-day class for Contractor-A/Bldr, I took all 4 sections the next week and passed all 4 the first try. Sure was glad to get through it so quick and easy-thanks for the help preparing.  W. Solterbeck

I took and passed all four sections in only 4 hours.  R. Fast
Check out this Video Testimonial from one of our students: