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To do construction work in Louisiana you need to be licensed by the State Licensing Board for Contractors.

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How to Obtain a Contractor License in Louisiana

There are two steps in getting licensed as residential or commercial building contractor in the State of Louisiana:

To obtain a license as commercial or residential building contractor for Louisiana, there are two steps;

  1. Complete and send in an application to the State Licensing Board for Contractors. Also send in any supporting documents along with the application. To receive an application, contact the State of Louisiana by the following:

Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors

  1. After you submit your application, you will receive a notice or examination scheduling date or your exam. You must pass the Business and Law exam, as well as the Trade exam for the specific license you are seeking.

A construction project that totals $50,000 or more must be only performed by a contractor who is licensed, even the homeowners as themselves. There are no restrictions when it comes to a homeowner applying or licensure to be a contractor. For more information, click the following link: Louisiana Informational Brochure

Can You Use an Open Book for the Louisiana Licensing Exam?

No, you can’t use open book. The state agency for testing doesn’t allow any reference books inside the examination area.

Contractor Continued Education: Is it Required in Louisiana?

You need to finish six hours each year to renew your Contractor License or the state of Louisiana. The date that this must be done by is December 31st. This has actually been an increase from hours to six hours each year, as of January 2012.

As of February 2012, continuing education is not required for contractors who hold Commercial licenses in the following classifications:

Continuing education has not been required for contractors who have commercial licenses as of February 2012 for the following classifications:

  • Highway, Bridge and Street Construction
  • Building Construction
  • Public Works and Municipal Construction

For more information, you can view the Contractor News Source Bulletin for February 2012.

Louisiana License: What if I Don’t Renew my License by the Renewal Date?

There will be a delinquent penalty totaling $50 for a late renewal of Residential and Commercial licenses, and can be assessed 15 days after the expiration date.

If you fail to renew your license within six months after your renewal date, it can result  in a forfeiture of renewal rights, which means you will have to start over again.

How to Show Completion of Annual Continued Education to State of Louisiana

Mail in a copy of your Certificate of Completion to the following address:

State Licensing Board for Contractors

NASCLA Accredited Commercial Contractor: Is the License Accepted in Louisiana?

The NASCLA-Accredited Exam will replace the Trades exam for those who are commercial contractors.

The NASCLA Accredited Commercial Contractors exam is accepted for all eight of the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. This means when you pass one exam, you will receive a license to perform commercial work in each of those above states. Most states have a requirement to pass the Business and Law exam for the specific state. However, you won’t have to pass a separate Commercial Trades exam.

After you pass the NASCLA Accredited Exam for Commercial General Building Contractors, you will be shown on the list of the NASCLA National Exam Database. The information will then be available after you apply within any state that will accept it. Depending on the state, you may be required to take a specific exam specific to the business/law/project management exam, as well as the NASCLA exam.

Residential Work With a Louisiana Commercial License

Yes, you can. The Building Construction (Commercial) licensure will cover numerous classifications, such as residential. If you have 2+ homes under a contract, at any time, you will be required to have a commercial license.

Louisiana Contractor’s License: How to Get It

There are application packets that you need to complete the instructions for, and they can be found on the website for the state of Louisiana. The applications need to be downloaded from the website. You may also request an application to be sent in the mail.

The Timeframe for Exam Prep Course

  • Expect 24-30 hours for the NASCLA Accredited Commercial Contractor Course.
  • Expect 8 hours for the Louisiana Contractor License Exam prep course.

General Contractor (Commercial Contractor) License: Does Louisiana Require it?


Residential Building Contractor
Residential Building Contractor is a closed book examination with 80 multiple-choice questions which are equally weighted. You will have four hours to complete this examination. A calculator will be provided for use during the examination.

Content Outline

Rough Carpentry                                                      26%
Interior and Exterior Finish                                       20%
Concrete and Rebar                                                 19%
Associated Trades                                                    10%
Excavation and Site Work                                          9%
Roofing                                                                       6%
Masonry                                                                      5%
Plans and Specifications                                             5%

Contractors Department of Examinations and Assessment
Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors – (testing unit)

Where Can I get the Books?

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