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Arkansas Contractor Business and Law Exam Prep - In Class or Webinar - Contractors Institute

Arkansas Contractor Business and Law Exam Prep - Online PreRecorded

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AR Business Law Online Exam Prep

The Course:

This Class Covers the Material that is on the Arkansas Business Law exam given at Prometric.  This is the material from our live class that is given every Friday 8:30-11:00 am ET.  You can watch this at anytime.  You have access as soon as you register and for another 90 days.

The Exam:

There are 50 questions on the exam; you need to correctly answer 70% or 35 questions to pass the exam. You will have two hours to complete them. The Contractor Business and Law examination is designed to ensure that contractors have a basic understanding of business and financial management, as well as familiarity with Arkansas State and federal laws governing contractors.

The exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of payroll taxes, Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment Compensation, Lien Laws, and other laws or subjects that will affect their daily operation as a contractor.

This is an online prerecorded class.  We go over all of the material in the Arkansas NASCLA manual and give you access to our practice test.  Our Success rate is 95% with first time test takers after taking this class.


You can take the Arkansas Business Law Manual into the exam with you.  We cover all of the material in this book.   This is an open book exam and the material covered is in the book - Contractor’s Guide to Business, Law and Project Management, Arkansas Fourth Edition, 2012.