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Virginia Class C / B / A   8-Hour Pre-License Contractor Course - Contractors Institute

Virginia Class C / B / A 8-Hour Pre-License Contractor Course

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Virginia Contractor PreLicense 8 Hour Course


Welcome - New Contractors to the State of Virginia!  This course prepares you to become a new contractor in the State of Virginia.  It is very informative and will help you be a better contractor and give you information that you can use throughout your contracting career.  

This Virginia Class C Pre License course that is mandatory for any new contractor in the state of Virginia.  It presents the regulations and practices that govern the contracting industry.

We will review the required elements of preparing a contract in accordance with regulation, explore methods in selecting customers and jobs based on license classification and experience, explore the  various business structures to meet their particular need, and tips that will help you to avoid regulatory and business problems. 

The course is designed to guide contractors in making choices that will ensure compliance with regulation and maintain the license through business success.

Our Virginia Page has more information about the exam, PSI and taking the test. 

Who needs to take the 8 Hour Virginia Contractors Pre License Course?

Any new contractor in the state of Virginia.

What does the course cover?

It covers all aspects of being a contractor in Virginia: Accounting, Law, Contracts and Compliance.